Baby Adrianna

This is my baby niece Adrianna. She’s a cutie pie and such a good baby.


Today’s Tip: 9.5.2012

Today’s tip:

Do you have kids and love taking pictures of them? It can be hard sometimes with little ones because they are always on the run, well, unless they’re not walking yet, and even then, it can be tough sometimes. They look at you, give you the biggest and cutest smiles and just when you snap the photo, you end up with a blurry side of their heads, as they look away. Or even worse, you get the deer in the headlights look on their faces!

Well, then today’s tip is for you! If you have a simple point and shoot digital camera, then look in the settings for “children” or “sports”. What that does is that it increases the shutters speed so that your pictures don’t come out as blurry. The downside is that if you have it on automatic, it will use the flash. If you don’t, the picture will come out too dark, unless you’re outside in the daylight.

Another thing to keep an eye on is how close you are to them. With children, you don’t want to be up close too much.  Maybe a couple of feet away because when you are too close and they are moving, it is hard to follow them. So move back, give children some space to move around.

Also, try predicting their moves. If you can, play a game with them, like hide and seek, so that when they find you, you can get a big smile, or the other way around. It’s a good way to predict their next move and you’ll get nice candid smiles, not forced ones. One last thing, try not to take pictures of children while you’re standing up. Get down on their level. 🙂

Here’s an example of a picture too close and therefore the camera couldn’t focus well enough to capture that cute face.


Here’s a better one. Again, move away, get down on their level. 🙂


Today’s Tip: 7.5.2012

Today’s tip:

How well do you know your camera? Do you just look at the lcd screen, point and then shoot? Did you spend some big bucks for your camera but don’t really know how to use it, so you use the automatic settings all the time?

My tip for you today is to grab the camera manual and read it through cover to cover! Learn your camera’s functions. Learn how to shoot using other settings besides the automatic setting. I know it sounds like a tedious task, but learning how your camera works can help you a great deal on what to do to take better pictures.

I remember the first time I read my camera’s manual and thought  “oooohhhhh, so THAT’S what that is for!”  Whether you have a digital camera or a DSLR, learning how to use every feature in your camera could be a picture-life savior.

Today’s Tip: 5.5.2012

Today’s tip:

When you’re taking pictures, beware of the background. If you are outside, are there cars behind the people you’re taking pictures of? Change your angle or move the other way until you don’t see them. Are there other people in the background that you don’t intend for them to be in the picture? Again, move around until you find the perfect spot, or kindly ask the people to move.

If you are inside, pay special attention to what is laying around. You don’t need a super awesome spot for your pictures in your house, just a clean, decluttered one. Just pay attention to your surroundings.

Don’t forget that pictures become precious memories!

Here’s an example of a picture taken inside with no awareness of the area around.

Here’s another picture taken inside, but with a much cleaner background.

Today’s Tip 4.5.2012

Today’s tip:

When taking pictures outside when is really sunny, don’t let the sunlight hit directly on the people. They will all be squinting instead of smiling. Instead, turn them around or even side ways against the sunlight. When possible, go under a shade of a tree or building. You will still get a nice bright shot, and you will be able to see everyone’s faces better. 🙂

Here’s an example of a picture ruined because of the squinting, due to the sun on her eyes:

Here’s a beautiful picture using the sun to shine on her side.